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1953 - 1954 Corvette: Technical Article: Summary Report on Changes to Achieve Improvement in Corvette Handling and Ride
Viewed 50 times since Fri, Jul 4, 2014
Summary Report on Changes to Achieve Improvement in Corvette Handling and Ride Below is a Chevrolet Inter-Organizational Letter dated March 29th, 1954 by Zora Arkus-Duntov addressing Maurice Olley's concerns about the Corvette's ride and... Read More
1953 - 1962 Corvette: Frame Specifications
Viewed 51 times since Tue, Jul 15, 2014
Below is a one page PDF featuring 1953 - 1962 Corvette frame specifications. Read More
1956 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Instability Above 60 MPH
Viewed 19 times since Sun, Oct 19, 2014
Subject:   Instability  Above 60 MPH Model and Year:   1956 Corvettes (Serial Numbers Listed) Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin Bulletin No:  DR #267 Section:   III Date:  October 10, 1956 TO:  ALL CHEVROLET... Read More
1959 - 1960 Corvette: Zone Letter: Steering Gear Lube Leaking From Directional Signal Housing
Viewed 44 times since Sun, Aug 3, 2014
Model Year: 1959-1960Subject: Corvette Steering Gear Lube Leaking from the Directional Signal HousingSource: Chevrolet Zone LetterZone:  #41 Wichita, KansasNumber: 83Date: December 8, 1959In the event the steering gear lube should work up the mast... Read More
1959 - 1961 Corvette: Product Engineering Bulletin: Drive Line "Clunk"
Viewed 38 times since Tue, Jul 1, 2014
Note:  Product Engineering bulletins like the one listed below went to Chevrolet Zone Offices located in various states across the United States, and did not get entered into the Chevrolet dealer Bulletin system. Subject:  Drive Line "Clunk"Model... Read More
1959 - 1961 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Front and Rear Coil Spring Heights
Viewed 22 times since Sun, Aug 3, 2014
Subject: Front and Rear Coil Spring HeightsModel and Year: 1959-1961 Passenger CarsSource: Chevrolet Technical Service BulletinBulletin Number: DR #437, Section IIIDate: June 30, 1961 In the event a side-to-side or front-to-rear out-of-trim condition... Read More
1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Excessive Driveline Vibration
Viewed 113 times since Mon, Oct 6, 2014
Subject:   Excessive Drive Line Vibration Model and Year:   1959 Corvette Source:  General Motors of Canada Service Bulletin Bulletin No:  NA Section:   Part B - Page 83 Date:  September 30, 1959 EXCESSIVE DRIVE LINE... Read More
1959 Corvette: Service News: Drive Line Vibration - Corvette
Viewed 19 times since Wed, Jul 2, 2014
Source:   Chevrolet Service NewsPage:  4Date:  July-August, 1959Subject:   Drive Line Vibration -- Corvette If excessive drive line vibration is encountered on a 1959 Corvette it is probably due to excessive rear C-joint angle.  This... Read More
1997 - 1998 Corvette: Chevrolet Pro Service News: Water Leak Repair Guide
Viewed 48 times since Wed, Jul 2, 2014
Source:   Chevrolet Pro Service News Date:  June 1998, Volume 7, Issue Number 6 Subject:   Corvette Water Leak Repair Read More