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1953 - 1968 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter: Corvette Auto Jack Low-Height Restriction
Viewed 1052 times since Wed, Jul 2, 2014
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter:Section:  68-8, Page 29, #925Subject:  UPC X - Wheels and Tires - Corvette Auto jack "Low-Height Restriction" - Corvettes-All Years (1953 - 1968)Reports have been received of the Corvette Jack #3825993... Read More
1959 Corvette: Service News: Radio Interference
Viewed 1050 times since Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Subject: Radio Interference Model and Year: 1959 Corvette Source: Chevrolet Service News Page Number:   4 Date: July - August, 1959, Volume 31, Number 7 A few cases of radio interference caused by tire static have been reported on 1959... Read More