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1959 Corvette Service News: 1959 Powerglide Production Variations

Subject:   1959 Powerglide Production Variations
Model and Year:  1959 Models
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   NA
Date:  November 1958 - Volume 30 - Issue 11

There are five different Powerglide transmissions used in 1959.  They are used as follows:

  1. 6 cylinder Passenger Car
  2. V-8 Passenger Car - Regular
  3. Corvette
  4. V-8 Passenger Car - Special with 250 hp-Fuel Injection
  5. Special Option

The regular transmissions used on the 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder models differ in the size of the booster valves and sleeves, and the throttle valve spring.  As in past models, the 6 and 8 cylinder models are different converter housings.

NOTE:  Booster valve identification for 1958-59 Powerglide Transmission is shown in Figure 2.  Similar illustration on page 36 of TOP 59 S & M-1 - "1959 Advance Service Information" booklet, is in error and should be corrected as indicated in Figure 2.

1959 Corvette Powerglide Transmission Identification  

The Corvette transmissions have a special converter assembly with 33 bolts holding the converter housing and cover together.  In addition, a special governor is used which has lighter small weights to create a higher shift pattern.  A longer output shaft is used, and there is no oil cooler valve or piping for transmission oil cooling.

The V-8 passenger car transmission for use with the 250 hp regular camshaft 283 cu. in. V-8 engine carries a Corvette converter and governor.  it has a red plastic patent plate on the right side of the converter housing, where the other transmissions have a blue plate.  Otherwise, this transmission is the same as the one used with the regular V-8 engines.

The special option transmission is available only with the 348 cu. in. engine equipped with a Carter AFB carburetor, 11:1 compression ratio and special camshaft using solid valve lifters.  This unit has a special 5 plate clutch assembly.  The plates are serviced as a package.  The other clutch parts are serviced the same way as the regular model.  This special transmission also has the 33 bolt Corvette converter and special governor, built to give a maximum shift point of 5400 engine R.P.M.  Otherwise, this transmission is the same as the regular V-8 model.

1959 Corvette Powerglide Transmission Identification

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