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1961 Corvette: Service Bulletin: 3-Speed Transmission Extension Bushing

Subject:   A.I. 61-1 3-Speed Transmission Extension Bushing
Model and Year:   1961 Passenger, Corvette and 10-20 Series Trucks
Source:  Chevrolet Advance Information Bulletin
Bulletin No:    A.I. 61-1
Section:   NA
Date:     December 12, 1960

A precision, bronze Transmission Extension Bushing Part No. 3786292, which provides increased durability is now available in Parts Stock.

The bronze bushing should be used as a replacement on 1961 and previous models operating under conditions where bushing failures have been prevalent.

At the present time, the bronze bushing is listed in the Parts Catalog for 1961 units only.  This was done so that the existing stock of Part No. 3717682 steel backed, babbitt bushings would be exhausted on earlier model units.  When the stock of steel backed, babbitt bushings is exhausted, the bronze bushing will enter Parts Stock for all models.

The steel backed, babbitt bushing is still continued in Production because of the cost factor.

Extra copies of this letter are being forwarded to Regional Service Engineers for handling with Zones.

E. Mumford, for
H.A. Bangsberg,
Technical Service Department

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