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1955 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Foreign Material in Clutch Housings, Secondary Road Operation

Subject: Foreign Material in Clutch Housings, Secondary Road Operation
Model and Year: 1955 Passenger Cars, 3-Speed Transmission
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: DR 217, Section VI
Date: July 25, 1955


Clutch Fork Boot Assemblies are now available in parts stock to prevent entrance of foreign material at the fork opening on V-8 and 6-cylinder 1955 Passenger Cars with 3-speed transmission being used in secondary road operation.

In addition on 6-cylinder units -

  • The left hand hole in clutch housing should be closed with Welsh Plug listed below.  Welsh Plug is retained by driving into opening.
  • The shipping bracket holds in the lower front corners of the flywheel housing should be closed off by installing cap screws.
  • The timing pointer hole on right side of clutch housing should be covered with a rubber timing pointer hole plug.  Part number listed below.



DescriptionPart No.Quantity
Clutch Fork Boot 3723796 1
1-1/2" Expansion Plug 103896 1
Timing Pointer Hold Plug 3837003 1
Clutch Fork Boot 3723280 1

All the above parts have now entered production.

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