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1962 - 1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Governor Rattle After Reverse Operation

Subject:   Governor Rattle After Reverse Operation
Model and Year:   1962-63 Aluminum Powerglide
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:  DR #633
Section:   VII
Date:  January 7, 1964


If governor rattle is encountered in drive range after reverse operation or extended engine idling, the noise may be reduced by replacing the existing governor with a new design governor incorporating provisions for cushioning of the governor valve.

The new governors can be installed on all 1963 transmissions built before T0909 and C0916 which evidence this problem. Transmissions built after these dates incorporate the new governor.

On 1962 transmissions built prior to T1228, it will be necessary to install a new rear pump in addition to the new governor.

The practice of slotting the governor gasket as covered in TSB 888, DR 591 should be discontinued.


Part No. No. Required Description
3850510 1 Governor Assembly - All except Corvette and Passenger w/409 or 327 V-8.
3850511 1 Governor Assembly - Corvette and Passenger W/409 or 327 V-8.
38818871 1 Rear Pump Assembly - 1962 only.
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