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1969 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Choke Problems

Subject:   Choke Problems
Model and Year:   1969 Corvette, 1970 Passenger with 350 cu. in. 300 H.P. Engines
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:  70-T-2
Section:   VIm
Date:  Nov. 19, 1969


Some early 1970 production Chevrolets, Chevelles, and Chevy Novas with the 350 cu. in. 300 horsepower engine may be subject to owner complaints of difficult starting, or failure to keep the engine running after starting, due to the choke not properly closing.  This condition may also be encountered on late production 1969 Corvettes with the 350 cu. in. 300 or 350 horsepower engines.

To correct this condition, a new design choke coil entered production during September, 1969.

For service, inspect the choke coil shield and if the letters BI or BJ appear on the shield, replace the coil assembly using Part No. 3973497.  The procedure for replacement of the coil may be found on Page 6M5 of the 1970 Chassis Service Manual.

Remove the letters BI or BJ from the choke coil shield after the new choke coil is installed to avoid confusion at a future date.

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