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1969 Corvette: Advance Information Inter-Organization Letter: Anti-Theft Audio Alarm

Subject:    Anti-Theft Audio Alarm
Model and Year:  1969 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Advance Information Inter-Organization Letter
Bulletin Number:  A.I. 69-4
Date:   March 20, 1969

This letter is being written to provide information on the Anti-Theft Audio Alarm system which is available, as Option RPO UA6, on the 1969 Corvette.

In view of the anti-theft intent of the system, a complete repair procedure will not be published for general distribution to the field.  However, the attached schematic should provide assistance in the diagnosis and repair of any malfunction that may occur in the system.

The dissemination of the information shown in the schematic should be restricted to those instances when problem diagnosis or repair is required.

G. F. Jackson
Service Department

1969 Corvette Anti-Theft Alarm Schematic

  • Source: Vette Vues - May 2009 - Page 118
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