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1965 - 1966 Corvette: Service News: Automatic Transmission Neutral Safety Switch Replacement

Subject: New Procedure for Corvette Automatic Transmission Neutral Safety Switch Replacement
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: February 1966

The 1965-66 Corvette neutral safety switch is serviced with 95 inches of wire attached to the switch. The new procedure for replacing the switch permits cutting and splicing the wire approximately four (4) inches from the switch rather than to replace the whole assembly. Refer to the following replacement steps.

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable
  2. Raise rear of vehicle and place on jack stands.
  3. Disconnect shifter arm at clevis.
  4. Remove center console trim plate.
  5. Disconnect shifter assembly boot and retainer.
  6. Disconnect switch from shifter assembly and cut electrical leads approximately 4 inches from switch.
  7. Splice wires from new switch to existing harness. Solder spliced connections and wrap with electrician’s tape.
  8. Install and adjust switch as outlined in step 7 on page 12-14 in the 1966 Chassis Service Manual for Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvette.
  9. Reverse steps 1 through 5 above to complete repair.
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