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1963 Corvette: Inter-Organizationl Letter: High-Speed Warning Buzzer Deletion

Source: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter
Date: February 11, 1963
To: Regional Service Engineers
From: H.A. Bangsberg
Subject: High-Speed Warning Buzzer Deletion - 1963 Corvette w/ 340-360 HP Engine - A.I. 63-9

The high-speed warning buzzer featured on 340 and 360 HP models to warn the driver that the engine is in the maximum high-speed range is being deleted, because it is not audible under extreme high-speed operation. A visual warning will still be provided by having the tachometer face zoned in color at the high RPM range.

Warning buzzer information will be deleted from the next reprint of the Owners Manual and service components will not be maintained.

A new tachometer assembly, which does not incorporate the buzzer actuating mechanism will replace the present unit.

H.A. Bangsberg
Technical Service Department

cc: Regional Service Managers
  Field Service Engineers
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