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1964 - 1966 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Reverse Lockout Mechanism Revised

Subject:   Reverse Lockout Mechanism Revised
Model and Year:   1966 Corvette (4-Speed Transmission)
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   TSB #66-10
Section:    VIIb
Date:   November 29, 1965


The reverse lockout mechanism for the Corvette 4-speed transmission was revised interim 1966 production.  In the early design mechanism, the reverse release cable position is normally controlled by a set screw in the "T" handle.  However, should the set screw loosen, this design doesn’t insure cable movement with handle movement.  Should the cable remain in the up position, accidental selection of reverse gear would be possible.

To eliminate this possibility, the reverse release cable has been replaced by a reverse release rod.  The lower diameter of the reverse release rod is larger than the hole in the "T" handle.  This larger diameter forms a shoulder and when the "T" handle is released, the rod is forced downward.  This design eliminated the set screw and insures the reverse release rod will be lowered whenever the "T" handle is down.

The reverse release rod, Part No. 3889461, may be used in place of the reverse release cable on 1964-65 and early 1966 Corvettes.  Instructions for installing the reverse release rod are outlined on page2.

1966 Corvette Reverse Lockout Mechanism Revised  

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