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1965 - 1966 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Bulletin: Powerglide Transmission Control Rod Adjustment

Subject: Powerglide Transmission Control Rod Adjustment (No. 217-TNM)
Model and Year: 1965-1966 Corvettes Equipped with Powerglide Transmission
Source: Chevrolet Engineering Bulletin
Number: T.N. #8, Section VII
Date: August 5, 1965

Section VII - Transmission - Continued

Powerglide Transmission Control Rod Adjustment (No. 217-TNM)

In the 1965 Corvette the adjustable Powerglide Transmission control rod clevis is located at the transmission range selector and parking brake outer lever (bell crank).  However, there is no room to turn the clevis to adjust the control rod at that forward end.  Misadjustment can result in transmission failure due to operation without the controls being in full detent.  Such operation results in reduced oil pressure and, in turn, partial engagement of the affected clutches.

In the 1966 Corvette an adjustable clevis will be located at the transmission floor shift lever where there is room for adjustment.  The 1966 Transmission Control Rod Unit will be made available primarily for the addition of this improvement in the 1965 model.  Due to low volume sales of the current rod, it will also be used to replace the control rod in the 1966

As soon as the required 1966 parts become available, this unit will also be available.

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