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2014 Corvette: Techlink Article: Rear Caster Angle Gauge

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Source:  GM TechLink
Date:  September 5, 2013

As part of a rear wheel alignment on the 2014 Corvette Stingray, the rear wheel caster must be set. This requires a Digital Angle Gauge and an adapter to attach the gauge to the rear knuckles. The gauge must be capable of accurately measuring to 0.1 degree. It must also have a calibration feature and a magnetic base so it will attach to the adapter.

Digital Angle Gauge

The Digital Angle Gauge is not an essential tool as there are several suppliers available in the aftermarket.

Tool suppliers that offer the gauge include:

• SPX; order tool number CH-47960, Digital Angle Gauge, directly from SPX

• Wixey WR300; contact

• iGauging AngleCube; contact, or 1-949-366-5708

Digital Angle Gauge Adapter

The Digital Angle Gauge Adapter, CH-47960-10, is not available on the aftermarket and will be part of the essential tool package.

- Thanks to Art Spong and Gary Kirrkamm

2014 Corvette: Techlink Article: Rear Caster Angle Gauge

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