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2005 - 2008 Corvette: GM TechLink Article: Fob Conditions

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Some owners of a 2005-08 Corvette or XLR may comment of an occasional No Fob Detected message on the DIC display when the fob is located somewhere on the driver’s seat. They also may comment that the fob reminder (3 horn honks) is heard when exiting the vehicle with the key fob. This is because the original RCDLR software does not adequately cover the driver’s seat and it can also detect the fob when it is slightly outside of the driver’s door. New software will add a new zone to better cover the driver’s seat, and it will also add a 2 second delay after the door closes before checking for the fob on the interior. This affects all vehicles built before October 2007.

IMPORTANT: Before programming, the radio and HVAC fuses MUST be removed and the ignition must be in Key On Engine Off mode. The radio and HVAC fuses are located in the BCM fuse block on the passenger floor electrical center. One of the fuses is labeled RDO/S’BAND/VICS and the other is labeled HVAC/PWR SND.

Program the RCDLR with revised software using the TIS2Web PassThru method. When programming, it is necessary to select Replace and Reprogram ECU.

If the programming phase does not finish successfully and the RCDLR appears to be in a locked-up state, do not turn off the ignition. The RCDLR can be reset by removing fuse 11 in the UBEC for 30 seconds. Reinstall the fuse.

Be sure the radio and HVAC fuses are pulled. Attempt programming the module again.

If the ignition was turned to OFF after the locked-up condition occurred, it’s possible to continue programming. Simply add the VIN manually in TIS.

TIP: Do not replace the module -- just reprogram it. Also fob programming and TPM Learn are not required.

- Thanks to Dino Poulos

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2005 - 2008 Corvette: GM TechLink Article: Fob Conditions

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