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2014 - 2016 Corvette: Chevrolet Performance - Corvette - Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade

Chevrolet Performance – Corvette - Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade

Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac U.S. Dealers:
Chevrolet Performance announces the launch of "Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade" to the Chevrolet Performance Parts program.

Availability: See chart below for availability.

Warranty Information : Re-flashing the vehicle with this calibration maintains the vehicle’s factory warranty, if applicable.

General Information:

" For nearly half a century, Chevrolet Performance has been the resource for enthusiasts. Chevy has a decades-long winning track record that today extends to virtually every form of motorsports. And while that legacy looks great in a trophy case, it also influences the vehicles we design, the engines we build and the performance parts you install."

Product Information : Each calibration is independently tuned for its respective chassis. Updates Tour, Sport, and Track modes, and includes independent compression and rebound calibration for front and rear dampers. Thus, allowing for precise control of heave, pitch, and roll under a wide variety of situations to fine tun the vehicle’s response. All of these calibrations are developed using shock velocities computed to the wheel, and all have the ability to vary damping relative to vehicle speed.

Corvette Magnetic Selective Ride Control (MRC) calibration upgrades improve ride quality and handling feel, and have beeen rigorously develped and tested, ensuring all chassis sstem work together seamlessly.

Note to Dealers : To reprogram the "Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration ", please call Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) at 1-800-828-6860 for programming requirements and instructions . Please be ready to provide the VIN prior to calling. TCSC will bill the dealership directly for the calibration.

Calibration Flash :


Part Number: All listed below

MSRP: $350.00/ea.

This Performance MR Damper Calibration requires the reprogramming of the MR suspension control module. This must be done with the Service Programming System at an Authorized GM Dealer. The damper calibrations do not include any hardware content, the available Calibrations are listed below:

Part Number Model Year Trim Level Suspension RPO Availability
84353680 (Without Track Mode Change) 2015 * Z06 with Z07 FE7 End of November 2017
84465291** (With Track Mode Change) End of November 2017
84353682 (Without Track Mode Change) 2016 Z06 with Z07 FE7 End of November 2017
84465292** (With Track Mode Change) End of November 2017
84375893 2015 * Z06 without Z07 FE6 End of November 2017
84375892 2016 Z06 without Z07 FE6 End of November 2017
84353677 2014 * Z51 FE4 Now
84353678 2015 * Z51 FE4 Now
84353684 2016 Z51 FE4 Now
84353685 2016 Base FE2 Now

Table 1 - Calibration Part Number Reference Table

* Model year 2014 and 2015 vehicles also require MR Suspension Control Module software and utility file updates, which are included with the calibration files.

** 84465291 replaces 84353681 - Available End of November, 2017
** 84465292 replaces 84353683 - Available End of November, 2017

Note : The above parts may have been updated or superseded. If your parts do not match the parts listed above, please go to for the latest parts list.

IMPORTANT: For sale in the U.S. and Canada.

Please see attached for Corvette MR Calibrations Key Messages - NEW! Corvette Magnetic Ride Control Calibrations

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