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2014 - 2018 Corvette - Magnetic Selective Ride Control - Chevrolet Performance - Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade UPDATED

Chevrolet Performance – Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade
Updated Date:  Jan 31, 2018 18:00 ET

Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac U.S. Dealers:

Chevrolet Performance announced the launch of "Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Calibration Upgrade" to the Chevrolet Performance Parts program in October 2017. This message has been updated to include additional product information, ealer installation details, newly added calibration references, and attributes.

Availability:  See chart below for availability.

Warranty Information:  Reflashing the MR (Magnetic Ride) Suspension Control Module with this calibration maintains the vehicle’s warranty.

"For nearly half a century, Chevrolet Performance has been the resource for enthusiasts. Chevy has a decades-long winning track record that today extends to virtually every form of motorsports. And while that legacy looks great in a trophy case, it also influences the vehicles we design, the engines we build and the performance parts you install."

Product Information:

Our Corvette development engineers now have new tools which help them better analyze MRC (Magnetic Ride Calibration) data recorded on the bench, on the road, and on the track. These tools have resulted in major improvements in Tour, Sport, and Track modes for all MRC vehicles. The improvements are so significant that all 2019 MRC Corvettes will include the new calibration.

Chevrolet Performance is now making these new calibrations available to all customers already in possession of a 2014 - 2018 7 Generation Corvette with MRC (see Calibration Reference Table).

The Corvette MRC Suspension Calibration Upgrades greatly improve ride quality and handling feel, and have been rigorously validated and tested to ensure all chassis systems work together seamlessly.

Each Tour, Sport, and Track calibration is independently tuned for its respective chassis. The new calibrations exhibit a much more refined balance of the heave, pitch, roll, wheel, handling, and temperature compensation algorithms.

In Tour and Sport Modes the driver will feel major improvements in impact isolation and integration. Ride motion and balance are also greatly enhanced. Parking lot and low-speed (25 mph and less) ride motions are more compliant and less jarring. Sport mode also improves the handling precision and balance. Like Tour mode, Sport mode will exhibit the same impact and body motion improvements over the original Sport mode.

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