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1967 Corvette: Service News: 3X2 Carburetor-to-Manifold Gasket

Model Year: 1967
Subject:  3X2 Carburetor-to-Manifold Gasket - 1967 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: August, 1967


Sticky (poor responding) secondary carburetor throttle shafts complaints are the result of over-torquing the carburetor attaching nuts and unevenly compressing the thick carburetor gasket (Part No. 3902372). A new thinner gasket, Part No. 3921922, has been released for production and service to replace part No. 3902372 to prevent the binding condition.

The new unit can be identified by the following lettering appearing on opposite sides of the gasket:

"This side up END carburetors" and
"This side up CENTER carburetors."

Gasket Repair Units 3914109 and 3914111 have also been replaced by 3930825 and 3930826, respectively, to reflect this same carburetor to manifold gasket change.

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