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1966 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Top Radiator Inlet Hose Interference

Subject:   Top Radiator Inlet Hose Interference (No. 444-T.I.)
Model and Year:   1967 Corvette - 427 Mark with Power Steering
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Bulletin No:   TNP #66-4
Section:   VI - Engine - Continued
Date:    7-11-66

Some early 427 Corvettes equipped with power steering may experience radiator top hose interference with the generator pulley-fan and/or the hood reinforcement.  This is due to the radiator support being mounted to close to the engine and the hood interference is due to the usage of early design radiator hoses.

Effective with vehicles built February 15, 1966, Serial No:  194376S113952, the latest parts and designs will be used.

Service correction for early models will be made available.

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