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1963 - 1970 Corvette: Service News: Heavy Duty Positraction Unit

Subject:    Heavy Duty Positraction Unit
Model and Year:  1963 - 1970 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   21
Date:  March 1970, Volume 42, Number 3

A special high performance positraction unit has been provided for heavy duty usage on 1963 - 1970 Corvette models.  This unit is available to customers desiring to convert their regular positraction unit into a high performance package.

The parts which convert the unit to the high performance package are:  Part Number 3982240 - Positraction Service Part Unit, Part Number 3982239 - Propeller Shaft Pinion Gear Flange Oil Seal Assembly and Part Number 2309473 - Magnetic Filler Plug.  These components may be installed according to the procedures as indicated in Section 4 of the appropriate Chassis Overhaul Manual.

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