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1965 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Engine Bucking and Faltering

Subject:   Engine Bucking and Faltering - (No 279 - T.I) - 396 CU. IN. 425 HP with the Holley Carburetor
Model and Year:   1965 "B" Car and Corvette with RPO L-78
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Bulletin No:   TNP #66-1
Section:   VIm
Date:    11-16-65

Engine bucking and faltering may be experienced when making a light acceleration after idling with a 396 425 H.P. engine - Holley carburetor combination.  if this problem is encountered in the field, replace the existing metering body with P/N 3893668 (Holley P/N 34R-4905A) metering body for "B" cars and with P/N 3886101 (Holley P/N 34R-4901A) metering body for the Corvette.  The power valve, main jets and needles can be transferred from the removed metering body.  The procedure for removing and replacing the metering body is shown on page 55, section 6M of the 1965 Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II Chassis Overhaul Manual.

Be sure to check the part numbers given above if you have the occasion to use this information.

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