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1964 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Recalibration of Carter AFB Carburetors

Very late into the 1964 model year, Chevrolet advised dealers of a change in carburetors earlier on the 1964 Corvettes.  The date given of 11/26/63 was at the Carter carburetor plant.  By the date of 11/26/63, almost 6,000 1964 Corvettes had left the St. Louis plant with the first design AFB carburetors.
Subject:  Recalibration of Carter AFB Carburetors
Model and Year: 1964 800 & 1000 Series with 327" Engines
Source: Chevrolet Central Office Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No: DR #674
Section: VIm
Date: May 28, 1964


To minimize hesitation on acceleration and improve overall engine performance, the Carter AFB Carburetor used on 800 and 1000 Series vehicles with 327" engines was re-calibrated effective at the source approximately November 26, 1963.  Carburetors incorporating the latest calibration may be identified by the following numbers which are stamped on the metal identification tag.

3720SA - Units with Automatic Transmissions
3721SA - Units with Manual Transmissions

If hesitation on acceleration is encountered on early production vehicles, the carburetor should be rebuilt using the parts listed on Page 2 of this bulletin.

3862088 1 Primary Cluster (choke side)
3862089 1 Primary Cluster (pump side)
7009575 2 Primary Metering Jet
1460475 2 Secondary Metering Jet
3862090 1 Primary Cluster (choke side)
3862091 1 Primary Cluster (pump side)
7009575 2 Primary Metering Jet
1460475 2 Secondary Metering Jet
3821716 2 Metering Rod

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