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1993 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Hood Will Not Open - Cable Disconnection

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Model and Year: 1993 Corvette prior to V.I.N.’s: Non-ZR1 - P5110787 ZR1 - P5800217
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 93-151-10


The hood release cable may become disengaged from the hood latch lever.

NOTE: It is possible that one or both of the latches may have disengaged cables.


Replace the hood latches with service P/N’s 10210747 (Left) and 10210748 (Right)

NOTE: Opening the hood will require the following:

- Obtain material locally and fabricate the tool shown on the illustration from 3/16" or 1/4’ steel rod.

- With the door open, locate the short bent end of the tool inboard of the vertical flange of the hood latch support.

- insert the tool forward until the tape is aligned with the lower end of the windshield pillar molding.

- Twist the tool to contact and move the latch lever until the latch disengages. A slight downward pressure on the hood in the latch area may be helpful to disengage the latch lever.

PART AVAILABILITY: Parts are currently available from GMSPO.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: Labor Operation: T1951 Replace Both Latches Labor Time: 0.4 Hr. (includes using tool to open hood.)

Labor Operation: T1950 Fabricate Tool Labor Time: 0.1 Hr. This operation may only be used once per dealer $2.00 Dealer net material allow


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1993 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Hood Will Not Open - Cable Disconnection

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