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1980 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Rear Wheel Spindle Yoke Snapping Noise

Subject:   Rear Wheel Spindle Yoke Snapping Noise
Model and Year:   1980 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:   80-T-44
Section:   IV
Date:    June, 1980


Owners of 1980 Corvettes, primarily those equipped with a manual transmission, may experience a snapping or crunching noise from either or both rear wheel locations during toque reversals and during acceleration of deceleration.  This noise is the result of scuffing of the rear wheel spindle yoke against the inner wheel bearings inner race.

This condition can be corrected by installing a special Moly coated washer (P/N 14034468) between the spindle yoke and the inner wheel bearing (see Figure 1).  Steps 2 through 8 of the following Service Procedure should be performed at each rear wheel.

Service Procedure

  1. Raise vehicle on frame hoist.
  2. At outboard end of the drive shaft, remove the bolts securing the trunnion retainer straps to the spindle yoke.
  3. Position free end of drive shaft aside for required access to remove cotter pin, nut, and washer from spindle.
  4. Remove spindle yoke from spindle.
  5. Obtain washer (P/N 14034468) from stock, and lightly lubricate each surface with EP-B2 bearing lubricant (P/N 1052497).  NOTE :  Extensive handling of washer on flat surfaces can result in some of the Moly coating being removed and, therefore, reducing its effectiveness in eliminating noise.
  6. Install lubricated washer and spindle yoke on spindle such that washer is between yoke and the inner wheel bearing and completely inside the seal (see Figure 2).  NOTE:  Use care to avoid nicking the seal lip or trapping it between the washer and the bearing race.  If the seal life is damaged, the seal must be replaced.
  7. Install original yoke washer, and spindle nut on spindle and tighten nut to 100 ft. lbs.  Install new cotter pin.  If specified nut torque does not permit cotter pin insertion, tighten nut as necessary to line up cotter pin hole.
  8. Reconnect drive shaft to spindle yoke by installing the trunnion retainer straps to the spindle yoke using the bolts previously removed.  Torque bolts to 22 ft. lbs. (manual transmission) or 14 ft. lbs. (automatic transmission).
  9. Lower vehicle and remove from hoist.
  10. Align rear suspension to specifications.

Labor Operation Number T1028.
Time for correction 2.7 hours.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

1980 Corvette Rear Wheel Spindle Yoke Snapping Noise

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