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1963 - 1971 Corvette: Service News: Lubrication of Rear Wheel Inner Bearings

Subject: Lubrication of Rear Wheel Inner Bearings - Corvette Models
Model and Year: 1963 - 1971 Corvettes
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: November, 1972, Volume #44, Issue #11
Pages: 5

A new higher load capacity lubricant Shell EP-B2 P/N 9985038 was released in February 1972, for use in production.  In conjunction with the production lubricant change, Engineering is recommending the following lubrication procedure for servicing all Corvette inner rear wheel bearings:

In the case of a new vehicle, the inner rear wheel bearings should be lubricated after 12,000 miles and every 24,000 miles thereafter.  On past model vehicles a 24,000 mile interval is recommended.

The method for lubricating the bearings incorporates a new lubricator J-23388, Figure 2 which attaches to the rear wheel spindle after disassembly of the axle drive shaft and axle shaft flange from the spindle.  The lubricator is installed over the spindle shaft and is secured flush to the bearing seal utilizing the existing spindle nut.  The nut should be torqued sufficiently to seat the tool on the seal surface, as over torquing could damage the tool and or the bearing seal. (Fig. 3).

Fig. 2 - Bearing Lubricator J-24488

We must emphasize the importance of using only the recommended lubricant.  In order to insure this, plus insure the correct quantity of this lube, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Procure a one tablespoon measure.
  2. Load a hand type grease gun with a P/N 1050679 grease cartridge.
  3. Count the number of "Pumps" of above grease gun required to eject three level tablespoons of grease.
    NOTE: It is imperative that the number of "pumps" required to obtain three level tablespoons of grease be noted.  This is the amount of grease necessary to lube each   Corvette rear wheel inner bearing.
    CAUTION: Do not use pressure fed (air operated) lubricating equipment.
  4. Apply one half of the measured amount of lube (Step 3), loosen the spindle nut and rotate the lubricator (180 o ), retighten nut as previously outlined, and apply the remainder of the lube.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the opposite wheel.
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