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1978 - 1979 Corvette: Service News: Access to Right Upper Control Arm Attaching Bolt

Subject: Access to Right Upper Control Arm Attachign Bolt
Model and Year: 1978 Corvette with RPO L81 Engine and A/C; All 1979 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Bulletin Number: Volume 51, 1979, Number 2

The following procedure must be performed on the above models whenever the right upper control arm is removed or caster and camber are being adjusted.

  1. Remove crossover and side air cleaner air intake duct.
  2. Loosen A/C compressor and remove A/C belt.
  3. Remove upper A/C compressor brace bolt.
  4. Loosen lower A/C brace bolt and move protective shield, in order to gain access to control arm attaching bolt
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