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1963 Corvette: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter: Steering Dampener Control

Source: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter
Date: February 11, 1963
To: Regional Service Engineers
From: H.A. Bangsberg
Subject: Steering Dampener Control - 1963 Corvette - A. I. 63-8

1963 Corvettes with the 250 or 300 H.P. engines, are equipped with a steering dampener control to absorb road shocks in the steering linkage which would otherwise be transmitted to the steering wheel.

Inquiries have been received from the field questioning the absence of this feature on certain models. Due to an engine oil pan interference condition, the steering dampener control is not available with the 340 or 360 H.P. engines and is not required when power steering is ordered, as the power steering cylinder absorbs road shock.

H.A. Bangsberg
Technical Service Department

cc: Field Service Engineers
  Regional Service Managers
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