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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Interim Production Changes

Subject:   Interim Production Changes
Model and Year:   1963 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR #569
Section:   XV
Date:    December 31, 1962


Three (3) important changes, as listed below, have been incorporated in 1963 Corvettes since the start of Production.

1.  Effective with Serial No. S101893, a redesigned parking brake lever assembly entered Production.  Early vehicles incorporate a lever assembly which may be difficult to release and in extreme cases, may actually jam making release impossible.

2.  Vehicles with Serial No. S101847 through S102667, were built with a second design rear axle driveshaft flange that may not seat properly in the rear wheel drive spindle flange.  An interference condition at this location could possibly lead to early failure of the rear wheel spindle flange attaching bolt bosses.

Vehicles built after S102667 incorporate selective fit pieces or additional machining to insure adequate clearance.

3.  Vehicles prior to Serial No. S105362 may have interference between the radiator top tank inlet and one of the simulated hood grille attaching studs.  Contact at this point might eventually rub through the radiator inlet causing loss of water and cooling system pressure.

Current production radiators incorporate a small depression in the inlet to insure adequate stud to radiator clearance.

Dealers are requested to review their records to determine the location of all 1963 Corvettes built prior to Serial No. S105362.  All units sold by the dealer and those in dealers stock should be called in for re-work as outlined on the following pages.  if a unit has been transferred to another dealer; or if  an owner has moved to another location, this information should be forwarded to the Zone Service Manager.


Lever Assembly should be replaced on all vehicles built prior to Serial No. S101893.  Referring to Figure 1, proceed as follows:

  1. Scrape sealer away from cable to firewall clip and remove clip.
  2. Disconnect parking brake cable clip from steering gear retainer bolt.
  3. Disconnect oil pressure line at gauge and pull line out of parking brake lever assembly bracket.
  4. Remove two (2) bolts holding bracket to dash brace.
  5. Pull complete lever and cable assembly to the rear, far enough to remove parking brake signal switch.
  6. With handle all the way in, cable retainer pin will line up with hole in bottom of housing allowing pin to to be driven out from bottom with a punch.
  7. Remove cable to housing clip and separate cable from housing.
  8. Install original seal on new lever assembly No. 3833251.
  9. Reassemble by reversing the above steps using new cable retainer pin No. 3821200.  NOTE:  Chamferred side of pin must face forward to actuate the parking brake signal switch properly.
  10. Apply body sealer around cable at firewall to prevent water leaks.

1963 Corvette Parking Brake Lever Assembly Replacement  


New machined Driveshaft Flanges No. 3832048, should be installed on all vehicles with Serial No. S101847 through S102667 (Ref. Figs. 2 and 3).

Replacement of the driveshaft flange is covered in the 1963 Corvette Shop Manual, Page 4-16.  The rear wheel spindle flange attaching bolt bosses should be visually inspected while the axle driveshafts are out of the vehicle.  Replace with new Spindle Flange Assembly No. 3830253 if any cracks are evident in the area indicated in Figure 4.

1963 Corvette Rear Axle Driveshaft Flange Replacement

1963 Corvette Hood Grille to Radiator Inlet Interference

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