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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Revised 1963 Corvette Rear Wheel Spindle

Subject:   Revised 1963 Corvette Rear Wheel Spindle
Model and Year:   1963 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR #599
Section:   IV
Date:    June 10, 1963


Excessive rear wheel spindle and spindle bearing wear on 1963 Corvettes may be a result of the bearing inner races rotating on the spindle.

Design improvements to the spindle and spindle flange assemblies have produced two interim production changes to eliminate this wear problem.  A review of spindle design is outlined on Page 2.

These design changes have also resulted in revised service procedures and a deletion of the 30,000 mile service interval.  The new spindle assembly requires no periodic servicing.

Where complaints of spindle wear are encountered on vehicles built before December 3, 1962, the problem may be corrected by replacing the original design or interim change spindle and flange with the new Part No. 3840378 spindle, Part No. 3839830 drive flange and Part no. 3839832 flange washer.  Service instructions on the following pages outline the recommended service procedures and tools.


A - From initial production to November 2, 1962, spindle 3817724 incorporated slip fit inner and outer bearing diameters and was assembled with 50 lb. - ft. drive flange nut torque (Figure 1).

1963 Corvette Revised Rear Wheel Spindle

1963 Corvette Revised Rear Wheel Spindle

1963 Corvette Revised Rear Wheel Spindle

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