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1963 Corvette: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter: Propeller Shaft Balancing

Source: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter
Date: August 27, 1963
By: H.A. Bangsberg
Subject: Propeller Shaft Balancing - 1963 Corvette - A, I, 63-25

In cases where high speed vibration persists on 1963 Corvettes after the wheels and tires have been carefully balanced, a reduction in vibration may be achieved by balancing the propeller shaft on the vehicle.

The balancing procedure consists of raising the rear of the vehicle, running the engine at 3600 - 4200 RPM in high gear and adjusting propeller shaft balance through the use of hose clamps as balance weights.

Page 2 of this letter lists the step-by-step procedure to be followed.

Extra copies of this letter are to be supplied for distribution to the Zone Service Managers.

H.A. Bangsberg
Technical Service Department
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