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1980 Corvette: Recall: Towing Bracket Installation

Model Year: 1980
Subject: Towing Bracket Installation
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Product Campaign Bulletin
Number: 80C15, Section XIV
Date: January, 1980

To: All Chevrolet Dealers

General Motors has determined that some 1980 Corvettes may experience front or rear bumper cover damage during vehicle lift in preparation for towing. In order to correct this condition the addition of towing brackets is required to facilitate the use of towing timber necessary to obtain sufficient tow sling, chain and bar clearance.

Vehicles Involved

All 1980 Corvettes assembled at St. Louis within the following parameters are the only vehicles involved:

Plant:  St. Louis
From:  1Z878AS400001
To:  1Z87AS402944

  • These vehicles will require both front and rear brackets.

Plant:  St. Louis
From:  1Z878AS402945
To:  1Z87AS404172

  • These vehicles will require rear brackets only.

Involved vehicles have been identified by Vehicle Identification Number Computer Listings. Computer listings contain the complete Vehicle Identification Number, owner name and address data, and are furnished to the involved dealers with the campaign bulletin. Owner name and address data furnished will enable dealers to follow up with owners involved in this campaign.

These listings may contain owner names and addresses obtained from State Motor Vehicle Registration Records. The use of such motor vehicle registration data for any other purpose is a violation of law in several states. Accordingly, you are urged to limit the use of this listing to the follow-up necessary to complete this campaign. Any dealer not receiving a computer listing with the campaign bulletin was not shipped any involved vehicles.

Owner Notification

Owners will be notified of this campaign on their vehicles by Chevrolet Motor Division (see copy of Owner Letter included with this bulletin).

Dealer Campaign Responsibility

Dealers are to service all vehicles subject to this campaign, regardless of mileage, age of vehicle or ownership, from this time forward.

Whenever a vehicle subject to this campaign is taken into your new or used vehicle inventory or it is in your dealership for service in the future, you should take the steps necessary to be sure the campaign correction has been made.

Service Procedure

On vehicles requiring both front and rear brackets follow installation procedure A and B. if only rear brackets are required follow installation procedure B.

    1. Front Bracket Installation

      1. Disconnect battery and elevate vehicle on hoist.
      2. Bend the hook portion of the bumper extension assembly that positions the nose of the radiator lower air baffle panel downward (Ref. Figure #1).
      3. Remove the radiator lower air baffle panel and extensions to provide access for welding.
      4. Position front towing bracket, P/N 14028560, so its surfaces are flush to both the back and lower roll surfaces of the bumper extension assembly and clamp.
      5. Arc weld the towing bracket to the bumper extension assembly as shown in Figure #2. (Secure ground to bumper extension assembly).

        NOTE: Caution must be taken to prevent excessive heat, metal burn through and/or excessive weld splatter.

      6. Remove clamp, wire brush and apply anti-corrosion material, P/N 1052290, to affected surfaces.
      7. Reinstall the radiator lower air baffle panel and extensions, torque attaching screws to 1.8 - 2.4 Nm (16-21 in.lbs.). Secure in position by bending upward the hook portion of the bumper extension assembly.


    1. Rear Bracket Installation

      1. Elevate vehicle on hoist (applicable only if part A was not performed).
      2. Remove spare tire lamp assembly from bottom of rear bumper impact bar (Ref. Fig. #3).
      3. Locate the four (4) rear bracket mounting holes on the rear bumper impact bar as follows (Ref. Fig. #3):

        1. On the bottom surface of the rear impact bar, draw a line connecting two (2) points, each point located 1.37 inches (1-3/8") rearward of the squared, leading edge surfaces found at both ends of the impact bar. This reference line will be used to locate each bracket’s mounting holes in fore and aft locations.
        2. Measure outboard from the outside lamp assembly mounting hole a distance of 1.37 inches (1-3/8") along the drawn line and mark this point as the inboard mounting hold center for the right hand tow bracket.
        3. From the hole center point determined above, measure 19.16 inches (19-5/32 inches) across the car along the line drawn and mark this point as the inboard mounting hole center for the left hand tow bracket.
        4. Using either the bracket itself as a template or else measuring an additional 6.37 inches (6-3/8") outboard from each of two hole locations already defined, located and mark on the drawn line the outboard mounting hole centers for each tow bracket.


      1. Center punch hole centers, drill and deburr four (4) .406 inch (13/32 inch) diameter holes in the impact bar.
      2. Apply anti-corrosion material, P/N 1052290, to drilled area.
      3. Mount the two (2) rear brackets, P/N 14028582, using two (2) bolts, P/N 549790, and two (2) nuts P/N 11502609, for each bracket. See Fig. #4.
      4. Torque nuts to 20-3 Nm (15-22 ft. lbs.).
      5. Reinstall spare tire lamp assembly to rear bumper impact bar and torque mounting screws to 2.8 - 4.0 Nm (25-35 in.lbs.). Lower vehicle and reconnect battery (applicable only if Part A was performed).

Parts Information

Parts required to complete modifications are being preshipped from Chevrolet Central Office on a prorated basis no charge. The required parts consist of:

Part Number - Quantity - Description
14028560 - 1 per vehicle - Front Towing Bracket
14028582 - 2 per vehicle - Rear Towing Bracket
549790 - 4 per vehicle - Rear Towing Bracket Bolts
11502609 - 4 per vehicle - Rear Towing Bracket Nuts

Campaign Identification Label

Each vehicle modified in accordance with the instructions outlined in this Product Campaign bulletin will require a "Campaign Identification Label." Each label provides a space to include the five digit dealer code of the dealer performing the campaign service. This information may be inserted with a typewriter or ballpoint pen.

[insert image here]

Each "Campaign Identification Label" is to be located on the radiator core support in an area which will be visible when the vehicle is brought in for periodic servicing by the owner.

Apply "Campaign Identification Label" only on a clean, dry surface.

(Notification Used By Chevrolet Motor Division)

Dear Chevrolet Owner:

General Motors has determined that your 1980 Corvette may experience front or rear bumper cover damage during vehicle lift in preparation for towing. The addition of towing brackets is required to facilitate the use of towing timber necessary to obtain sufficient toe sling, chain and bar clearance.

To correct this condition on your vehicle, your Chevrolet dealer will install front and rear towing brackets. This modification will be performed at no charge to you. Please contact your dealer to arrange a mutually satisfactory service date.

Instructions have been furnished to your dealer. It is estimated that the actual time necessary to perform the labor required will be approximately one hour.

The enclosed Owner Reply Card identifies your vehicle. Presentation of this card to your dealer will assist him in making the necessary correction to your vehicle in the shortest possible time. If you have sold or traded your vehicle, please let us know by completing the postage paid owner reply card and returning it to us.

We are sorry to cause you this inconvenience; however, we have taken this action in the interest of your continued satisfaction with our products. We urge your prompt attention in this matter.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

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