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1964 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Increased Capacity Fuel Pump

Subject:    Increased Capacity Fuel Pump
Model and Year:  1964 Corvette 365 - 375 HP Engine And/Or Air Conditioning
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Department - Field Service Engineering - 1964 Product Data Book
Page Number:   2, Section VIm, Group 2
Date:  NA

Corvettes with high performance engine options and/or air conditioning may experience a fuel vapor lock condition during high ambient temperatures.  To eliminate this possibility, a new high capacity fuel pump is used on late production units with the subject options.  The new high capacity pump includes vapor bleed holes in the inlet and outlet valves.

To install the new design pump on early production Corvettes, replace the existing pump with part number 6415325 Pump and part number 3855147 hose connector elbow.  Bend the existing gas line as required to match the outlet fitting.

1964 Corvette - Increased Fuel Capacity Pump

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