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 How-To Articles by CAC Forum Members

1995 Corvette: Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings

1995 Corvette: Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings Submitted by: nelsonvette Just wanted to post this now while it was still fresh in my mind. Replacing a rear wheel bearing is not that bad of a job. I read some post before I did mine that made me... Read More

1993 Corvette: Air Filter Replacement

Submitted by: 93*Corvette DISCLAIMER:  This How-To article contains information from other Corvette owners and enthusiasts that are members of the Corvette Action Center forums. Any information used from this How-To section is used at... Read More

1990 - 1996 Corvette: Fixing Erratic Digital Display

Submitted by: Gorgon I am offering this write-up for those that have problems with the digital dash of the 90 to 96 model Corvettes. This interior has analog gauges with a digital LCD in the center of the instrument cluster. My experience... Read More

1985 - 1991 Corvette: L-98 Engine Start Sequence

L-98 Engine Start Sequence Posted by Grumpyvette Info that might help - (before you ask, yeah the LT1 is very similar). L-98 Engine Start Sequence When you start an L-98 engine Corvette, a series of events take place that causes the engine to run... Read More

1984 Corvette: Increasing Instrument Cluster Illumination

Submitted by geekinavette (Bill Hitchcock) I've had a problem with the photocell in my '84 cluster since I bought it. During the day the cluster is too dim to see...unless you turn the park lights on. What I did temporarily to "fix" it so that... Read More

1984 - 1996 Corvette: Re-Dyeing Seats

From:   toms94 Title:  Re-Dyeing Leather Seats Posted:  11-16-06 I wanted to show you the job I just finished on my seats. My 1994 sport seats were, like nearly everyone's, showing wear. Particularly in the drivers seat and... Read More