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1984 - 1996 Corvette: Re-Dyeing Seats

From:   toms94

Title:  Re-Dyeing Leather Seats

Posted:  11-16-06

I wanted to show you the job I just finished on my seats. My 1994 sport seats were, like nearly everyone’s, showing wear. Particularly in the drivers seat and back bolster area. I did quite a bit of research and reading before I decided to try this. I can say that it turned out to be a much easier job than I was expecting (so far). I did most of the research on and bought my products from them as well. The process that they preach works very well. The leather in my 94 was getting kind of hard and "cardboardish". The "Rejuvenator Oil" (two applications) took care of that. They leather is now soft and supple. Then the bolster areas were rubbed, in spots, down to raw leather. Thank goodness they weren’t ripped or torn, this would have made the job much more difficult. Below are some before and after pictures. Now mind you, the "prepping process" makes the seats actually look better than they did before the process, but the leather now looks new. Let me know what you think. The seats must now dry/cure for 48 hours, so i will reinstall them in the car sometime this weekend.

The drivers side seat bolster before (the flash, I guess, makes it look better than it really did)

Drivers side seat ( originally had an orange streak through the center, doesn’t show up in picture)

The bolster after re-dyeing.

Seat bottom after re-dye.

Another shot of the seat back after re-dye.

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