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 Engine - Drivetrain

1995 Corvette: Recall: Distributor Vacuum Vent Harness

Subject: Product Campaign: Distributor Vacuum Vent HarnessModel and Year: 1995 Chevrolet CorvetteSource: Chevrolet Dealer CampaignBulletin Number: 95-C-38To: All Chevrolet/Geo DealersGeneral Motors has decided that certain 1995 Chevrolet Corvettes... Read More

1995 Corvette: Ignition: No-Start Condition

GM told Chevrolet dealers of a weird starting problem with 95 Corvettes and it may affect any car built before VIN 10803 or about 2/27/95: The starter will click, but the engine will not start. The starter will not spin. This usually happens in... Read More

1994 Corvette: Recall: Left Rear Engine Wiring Harness

Subject: Left Rear Engine Wiring Harness RoutingModel and Year: 1994 Corvette with LT1 EngineSource: Product CampaignBulletin Number: 94C2194C21 MARCH, 1994PRODUCT CAMPAIGN 94C21 - LEFT REAR ENGINE WIRING HARNESS ROUTING1994 CORVETTE WITH LT1... Read More

1992 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Leaks From Rear of Engine

Subject: OIL LEAKS FROM REAR OF ENGINE (REPLACE PLUG)Model and Year: 1992 CAPRICE,CAMARO,CORVETTE AND 1992 C/K, R/V, G AND P TRUCKS WITH FLINT 5.OL AND 5.7L ENGINESSource: Chevrolet Service BulletinBulletin Number: 92-304-6A - (10/02/1992) CONDITION:... Read More

1992 Corvette: Recall: Oil Leak at Oil Filter

Subject: PRODUCT CAMPAIGN 92C08 - OIL LEAK AT OIL FILTER Model and Year: 1992 CHEVROLET CORVETTESource: Chevrolet Product CampaignBulletin Number: 92C08 - (06/15/1992) TO: All Chevrolet Dealers BULLETIN REPRINT This bulletin was originally sent as a... Read More

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