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1981 - 1990 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Procedures on Scuff/Scratch Removal from Clear Coat on Aluminum Wheels
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Subject:   Procedures on Scuff/Scratch Removal from Clear Coat on Aluminum Wheels Model and Year: 1981-85 Citation 1982-90 Cavalier 1985-88 Monte Carlo 1981-90 Caprice, Camaro, Corvette 1985-90 Celebrity 1990 Lumina Source:  Chevrolet... Read More
1984 - 1986 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Uneven Wear-Outer Ribs on Corvette Tires
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Subject:  Uneven Wear-Outer Ribs on Corvette TiresModel and Year:  1984 - 1986 CorvetteSource:  Chevrolet Dealer Service BulletinNumber:  86-62Section:  3EDate:  Apr., 1986 TO:  ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS Some 1984-86 Corvettes may experience... Read More
1984 - 1987 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Cast Aluminum Wheel Porosity Repair
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Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service BulletinSubject: Cast Aluminum Wheel Porosity RepairModel and Year: All Models with Cast Aluminum WheelsBulletin Number: 87-89Section: 3EDate: Mar., 1987TO: ALL CHEVROLET DEALERSShould a vehicle with cast aluminum... Read More
1985 - 1991 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Coated Wheel Weights For Aluminum Wheels
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Subject: COATED WHEEL WEIGHTS FOR ALUMINUM WHEELS Model and Year: 1985-91 MODELS WITH CAST ALUMINUM WHEELS Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin Bulletin Number: 91-35-3E - (06/29/1990) TO: ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS THIS BULLETIN CANCELS AND... Read More
1986 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Dynamic Wheel Balance
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Model Year: 1986 CorvetteSubject: Dynamic Wheel BalanceSource: Chevrolet Dealer Service BulletinBulletin Number: 86-97, Section 3EDate: June, 1986TO: ALL CHEVROLET DEALERSAs of VIN G5 124200 (Coupe) and G5 900800 (Convertible), all Corvettes are... Read More
1988 - 1993 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Tires Slipping on Wheels
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Subject: TIRES SLIPPING ON WHEELS (USE PROPER TIRE MOUNTING PROCEDURE) Model Year: 1988-93 ALL PASSENGER CARS AND LIGHT DUTY TRUCKSSource: Chevrolet Service BulletinNumber: 93-169-3ESome incidents of tires slipping (rotating) on wheels have been... Read More
1988 Corvette: Product Safety Campaign: Product Safety Campaign No. 88C09 - Possible Missing Wheel Weld
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Most early 1988 Corvette were involved in this safety recall on 17" wheels.  This bulletin states that the first 8,432 1988 Corvettes with the Z-51 or Z-52 options could have 17" wheels with missing wheel welds. Subject: Product Safety Campaign No... Read More
1989 - 1996 Corvette: Low Tire Pressure Warning System Sensor Part Numbers
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These part numbers refer to the low tire pressure warning system sensors that wrap around the wheels.1989-1992 ModelsRF (blue) - 10098494LF (green) - 10098495RR (orange) - 10098496LR (yellow) - 100984971993-1996 ModelsLR -10161854RF -10161855LF -... Read More
1989 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Tire Rotation Procedure
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Subject:   Tire Rotation Procedure Model and Year:   1989 Y Car with Optional Low Tire Pressure Warning System Source:   Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin Number:   89-299-3E Section:   3E Date:   February 1990 Corporate... Read More
1990 Corvette: Service Bulletin: "Service LTPWS" Light On, Tire Pressure is Correct
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Subject: 'SERVICE LTPWS' LIGHT ON, TIRE PRESSURE IS CORRECT Model and Year: 1990 CORVETTESource: Chevrolet Service BulletinBulletin Number: 90-389-3E - (12/31/1990)TO: ALL CHEVROLET DEALERSTHIS BULLETIN CANCELS AND SUPERSEDES DEALER SERVICE... Read More
1991 Corvette: Service Bulletin: LTPWS Parts Numbers and Sensor Color Codes Revised
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Subject:   LTPWS Parts Numbers and Sensor Color Codes Revised Model and Year:   1991 Corvette Source:  Chevrolet Service Update Bulletin Bulletin No:   91-418-3E Section:   3E Date:    Sept. 1991 Corporate Bulletin No.... Read More
1994 - 1995 Corvette ZR-1: Wheel Touch-Up Paint
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The correct color code for the 1994 - 1995 Corvette ZR-1 5-spoke wheels is Dupont #C9201 or GM #WH9819. Read More
1994 - 2004 Corvette - Technical Article: Run Flat Facts
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Run Flat Facts Goodyear EMT tires are identified by this unique label. Image:  Author by Hib Halverson ©2004 all rights reserved. The first run-flat tire was developed by Goodyear in 1978. The first application of a run-flat tire on... Read More
Technical Article: C4/C5 Corvette EMT Run-Flat Tire Servicing
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Description:This four page article details the proper method for servicing C4 and C5 Corvette EMT Run-Flat tires and comes from Hunter Engineering. Hunter Engineering Company is a world leader in automotive service equipment. Hunter Engineering... Read More