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1991 Corvette: Service Bulletin: LTPWS Parts Numbers and Sensor Color Codes Revised

Subject:   LTPWS Parts Numbers and Sensor Color Codes Revised
Model and Year:   1991 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service Update Bulletin
Bulletin No:   91-418-3E
Section:   3E
Date:    Sept. 1991
Corporate Bulletin No.: 113504R
ASE No.: A4


The part numbers and sensor color codes for the Low Tire Pressure Warning System (LTPWS) as shown on page 3E-17 in Section 3E "Tires and Wheels" in the 1991 Final and 1992 Preliminary "Y" Service Manuals have been revised as follows:

Part Number Sensor Color Code
10098494 Blue
10098495 Green
10098496 Orange
10098497 Yellow

In addition, the torque specification given for bolt screw engaged on Page 3E-17 of the 1991 Final Service Manual should be 6.8 N.m (60 lb. in.).

Please make note of these changes for future reference.

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