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1984 - 1987 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Cast Aluminum Wheel Porosity Repair

Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Subject: Cast Aluminum Wheel Porosity Repair
Model and Year: All Models with Cast Aluminum Wheels
Bulletin Number: 87-89
Section: 3E
Date: Mar., 1987


Should a vehicle with cast aluminum wheels exhibit a slow air leak due to a porous condition existing in the wheel, the wheel can be repaired by using Dow Corning Silastic 732 RTV, part number 1052366 or equivalent as described in the following procedure:

  1. Remove wheel and tire assembly from car.
  2. Locate leaking areas by inflating tire to 50 PSI and dipping wheel-tire assembly in to water bath.
  3. Mark leak areas and remove tire from wheel.
  4. Scuff inside rim surface at leak area with #80 grit paper and clean area with general purpose cleaner such as 3M #08984.
  5. Apply 1/8" thick layer of adhesive/sealant to leak area and allow six hours of drying time.
  6. Mount tire on wheel, pressurize to 50 PSI and check for leaks.
  7. Adjust tire pressure to meet specifications.

    NOTICE:  Caution must be used when mounting the tire so as not to damage the sealer.

  8. Balance wheel and tire assembly.
  9. Water test wheel again.
  10. Reinstall wheel-tire assembly on car.


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