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1984 - 1986 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Uneven Wear-Outer Ribs on Corvette Tires

Subject:  Uneven Wear-Outer Ribs on Corvette Tires
Model and Year:  1984 - 1986 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Number:  86-62
Section:  3E
Date:  Apr., 1986


Some 1984-86 Corvettes may experience uneven tire wear on the outer ribs of the front tires (if the toe-in on the rear tires is severe, the rear tires may experience this wear also).

To eliminate or minimize this type of uneven tire wear, check the alignment on a 4 wheel alignment machine and reset both front and rear sum-toe to 0 +/- .2 degrees.  Set the rear wheels first.

The toe specification was changed on February 21, 1986 for factory setting and service.  Any cars built after this date (VIN 120992) are built to the new specifications.

Front Sum-Toe .3 +/- .2 degrees 0 +/- .2 degrees
Rear Sum-Toe .24 +/- .15 degrees 0 +/- .2 degrees

Labor Operation Number:  E2020

Labor Time:  1.6 Hours

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