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1968 Corvette: Passenger Car Product Bulletin: New Corvette Anti-Theft Warning System

Subject:    New Corvette Anti-Theft Warning System
Model and Year:  1968 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Center - Passenger Car Product Bulletin - GM Confidential - 1968 Mid Season Production Change
Page Number:   NA
Date:   January 16, 1968


An optional horn alarm system (RPO UA6) will be available on 1968 Corvette models approximately March 1.  The new system warns of illegal entry into the engine or passenger compartment by the intermittent sounding of a separate and hidden high note horn.

When the system is turned on, jamb switches in the door pillars or in the engine compartment cause the new horn to give off a loud "beeping" sound when the hood or doors are opened.  The horn is concealed behind the left rear wheel splash shield directly above the muffler.  Intermittent action is caused by a flasher assembly mounted with a second horn relay in the jack storage compartment.

The system is activated and deactivated by means of a separate key lock located just above the nameplate in the cove area oat the rear of the car.

R.C. De Mumbrum

Sales Liaison Engineer


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