1968 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Discharged Battery

Subject:   Discharged Battery
Model and Year:  1968 Corvette with Base Equipment
Date:   February - March 1968, ESC 68-8, Part E
Source:   Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter

With the increase of electrical accessory loads, primarily the new windshield wiper system on Corvettes, the base 37 amp delcotron electrical output may not be adequate to balance the total load and also charge the battery.  Under certain driving conditions, continuous driving under 40 MPH with all the electrical components ON may cause the batter to discharge and eventually run down.

To provide an adequate changing system for all conditions, the 37 AMP delcotron will be replaced by the 42 AMP delcotron for 1969.

This same correction can be made in the field to satisfy repeat run-down battery complaints on 1968 models by replacing the rotor with the 42 AMP service rotor 1958565.

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