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1964 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Directional Signal Switch Service

Model Year: 1964 All Series Except Corvette and Comfortilt Wheel
Subject:  Directional Signal Switch Service
Source: Chevrolet - Central Office - Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No: DR #693, Section XII
Date: September 8, 1964


A new design, all plastic directional signal switch assembly has been used since the start of 1964 production in subject vehicles.  Two versions of the basic switch design cover all the various vehicle applications.

Both version of the new switch design may be serviced with individual parts as outlined in this bulletin.  This will permit component parts replacement in many cases that previously required replacement of the complete switch.

When possible, component parts should be used to repair a switch rather than installing a complete switch assembly.  This practice will not only result in a savings in parts cost, but usually reduces the service time involved since complete switch and harness removal is not always required.

A third type of switch assembly is used optionally on Chevelles.  This switch is a die cast metal design, identified by cast letters "BPC", and is serviced only as an assembly, Part Number 383033.  It is interchangeable with the plastic service switch 910372 only if housing 383688 or 383689 housing is also used.

Refer to the following pages of this bulletin for parts and service details.


The following service details apply in general to all vehicle series and all transmission control systems.  Refer to the appropriate shop manual for specific model details.

  1. Diagnose the problem as one that involves the directional signal switch, and eliminate other possible causes before removing the steering wheel (See attached "Trouble Shooting" guide).
  2. Disconnect battery and remove the steering wheel per Shop Manual Instructions.  On Chevelle Models, remove the retainer, spring and cancelling cam.
  3. Remove the directional signal operating lever.
  4. Remove the three (3) switch retaining screws and lift the switch enough to disengage the shifter tube housing.
  5. Follow shop manual procedures of disassembly until the switch harness can be pulled out far enough to gain access to the actuating plate screw and remove the screw and actuating plate.

Any of the following components may be replaced without complete switch replacement; cancelling cam, actuating plate, upper mast jacket bearing and contactor kit.


1964 Corvette Directional Signal Switch Replacement

1964 Corvette Directional Signal Switch Replacement  

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