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[VIDEO] Owner Catches Valet Driving His C7 Corvette Z06 Recklessly

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
Devin Metters of Woodlands, Texas and his C7 Corvette Z06

Woodlands, Texas – Devin Metters often brings his C7 Corvette Z06 to a parking garage in the Woodlands when he goes out for dinner and leaves it with Valet attendant at the garage.  After leaving it there a few times, he suspected that the Valet driver was joyriding in his Corvette.

As a result, he decided to take advantage of his Corvette’s Performance Data and Video Recorder (PDR) and turned on the system’s Valet Mode to capture what the Valet was doing with the car when he left it.  What he discovered, was shocking.

The Valet attendant, an employee of SP Plus Valet Service was recorded on the Corvette’s PDR reaching speeds of over 30 mph in the garage as well as trying to do a burnout at the encouragement of his friends – fellow employees of SP Plus Valet Service.

When SP Plus was asked for comment, they stated that cars are often driven between parking garages to make it convenient for owners picking up their cars and that the matter was under investigation.

Word to the wise, always try to park your own Corvette when ever possible!

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