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[Washington] Tacoma Man Fights Back After His Dream Corvette is Damaged at a Repair Shop

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
Tom Nali with his 1976 Corvette

Like many of us, Tom Nali of Tacoma, Washington, scratched and scraped every penny together that he could to buy his dream car, a 1976 Corvette. Weatherstripping is usually the first thing to show wear on an older car as it ages becoming brittle and cracking. This 1976 Corvette was no exception.

After purchasing the car, Nali took his Corvette to City Glass in Tacoma, Washington to have the weatherstripping replaced. When he got it back several months later, the new weatherstripping was already falling off the car. He returned the car a second time, but when he got it back, the weatherstripping was still falling off and the nose of the car was sporting a chip in the front.

Although it was only a tiny chip, Nali said “it was a very sloppy job. I was in shock and disbelief when they kept telling me that, ‘It’s not their responsibility.’ The girl said, ‘You have got to look at it from a business point of view,'” Nali said. “I did admittedly hang up on her.”

That’s when he gave the K5 Consumer Team, a local television news station, a call.

Check out the video below and stop over to the K5 Consumer Team’s page for the rest of the story.

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