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1997 - 1998 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Rattle Noises

Subject:  Rattle Noises
Model and Year:  1997 - 1998 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Pro Service News
Page Number:   1
Date:  May 1998 - Volume 7 - Number 5

Two rattle noises may be heard on some 1997-98 Corvette models.  A rattle noise coming from behind the driver’s seat may be due to the manual fuel filler door release handle contacting the inside of the quarter panel area.  Attach a felt or foam patch to the inside of the quarter panel where contact may occur with the fuel filler door release handle.

A rattle noise also may be heard coming from the front of the instrument panel or cowl area.  The clip that secures the knock sensor harness to the PCV hose may be contacting the front of the cowl.  if necessary, relocate the harness clip to eliminate any contact with the front of the cowl.

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