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1997 - 2004 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Vehicle is Difficult to Fuel or Filling Station Pump Shuts Off Before Tank is Full

Service Bulletin #: 04-06-04-031 - Issued: 4/22/04

Vehicle is difficult to fuel or filling station pump shuts off before tank is full

1997 - 2004Chevrolet Corvette

Condition: You may find that when attempting to fill your fuel tank with gas, the pump will shut down before the tank is actually full.

Cause: The condition may be caused by back pressure within the fuel filler hose. This back pressure trips the fuel nozzle prior to filling the tank, or results in a hard to fill condition.

Correction: Replace the fuel tank filler hose with P/N 10353139. This new hose has been redesigned to provide smoother flow conditions within the section.

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