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1997 - 1998 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Engine Low Coolant MIL

Subject:  Corvette Engine Low Coolant MIL
Model and Year:  1997 - 1998 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Pro Service News
Page Number:   2
Date:  May 1998 - Volume 7 - Number 5

The engine low coolant MIL may come on intermittently on some 1997 - 1998 Corvettes.  This condition may be due to the position of the radiator surge tank, and is more likely to occur when the engine is cold and when parked or driven going forward down a hill.

There are three mounting studs for the surge tank.  The lower horizontal stud engages a slot in the tank.  If the stud is not bottomed out in the slot, the tank will be tipped and affect the proper coolant level reading.  To correct this condition, loosen all three attaching nuts and insure that the lower horizontal stud is fully seated in the slot.  Tighten the bottom nut, followed by the two top nuts, to the proper torque.

1997 - 1998 Corvette Coolant Surge Tank

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