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1968 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Gas Line Rattle

Subject:   Gas Line Rattle
Model and Year:   1968 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Information Bulletin - General Motors Canada
Bulletin No:  68-IC-54
Section:   Chevrolet
Date:    June 29, 1968


A rattling or "ticking" noise from the rear of the vehicle has been experienced on some 1968 Corvettes.  This noise is resulting from the fuel supply line vibrating against the return line.  Production has corrected this condition by installing an additional clip in the existing frame hole at this location.  Refer to Fig. 1.  This same correction is recommended for units in the Field that are experiencing the rattling or "ticking" noise.  Fig. 1 illustrates where the clip should be added and gives the related parts data.

Product Service Department,
General Motors Products of Canada, Limited

1968 Corvette Gas Line Rattle

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