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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Transmission Shift Lever Vibration

Subject:   Transmission Shift Lever Vibration
Model and Year:   1963 1000 Series, Chevy II and Corvette with Floor Mounted Shift Lever
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:  DR #595
Section:   VII
Date:  June 24, 1963


Vehicles equipped with a Powerglide or 4-speed transmission which incorporates the floor mounted shift lever may be subject to a "buzzing" type noise as a result of shift lever-to-mounting bracket vibration and/or excessive shift lever-to-guide plate clearance.

Effective in production approximately November 15,1962, the shift lever was revised to incorporate a Delrin insulating washer between  the shift lever and the bracket.  A similar washer may be fabricated from trim protector No. 4782769 and installed as outlined in this bulletin to correct early vehicles.

Production tolerances on guide plate-to-shift lever ball are .000 to .010" clearance.  However, field experience has shown that clearance in excess of .004" may result in a buzzing noise.  Since this type of shift lever will not be used in 1964, no change in production tolerances will be made.  This clearance should be checked and corrected as required whenever a noise complaint is encountered.


A plastic insulating washer, approximately 1" O.D., fabricated from trim protector No. 4782769 (see fig. 1, below) will be required on all vehicles produced prior to November 15, 1962, when a complaint of shift lever "buzzing" is encountered.

Powerglide Transmission

With the shift lever assembly removed from the vehicle, insert the above fabricated insulator washer on the shaft between the lever and bracket.  (See Figure 2, below)

1963 Corvette Transmission Shift Lever Vibration

1963 Corvette Transmission Shift Lever Vibration


Shift lever to guide plate clearance should be checked on all Powerglide and 4-speed shift lever assemblies whenever a noise or vibration complaint is encountered.  A clearance of .000" - .004" is required to assure quiet operation.  In the event clearance in excess of .004" is noted, bend the guide plate to reduce clearance in excess of .004" is noted, bend the guide plate to reduce clearance without causing the lever to bind.

Lubricate all moving surfaces with Lubriplate or its equivalent.

Part No. No. Req’d Description
4782769 *1 Trim Protector - door handle
3718496 2 Special Flat Washer - (4-speed Trans. only)

 * Two (2) required for 4-speed transmission.

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