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1963 - 1967 Corvette: Service News: Periodically Lubricate Manual Transmission Shift Mechanism (SN-C-30)

Subject: Periodically Lubricate Manual Transmission Shift Mechanism (SN-C-30)
Model and Year: 1963 - 1967 Corvette - with 4-Speed Manual Transmission
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:  3
Date: August 1967, Volume 39, Issue Number 9

Investigation into several cases of hard or stiff shifting encountered on vehicles equipped with manual transmission and floor mounted shift has revealed a light rusting condition of the shift mechanism.  This condition is resulting because the floor shift mechanism has no protection from the elements or road splash.  Consequently, a protective film of grease is needed on the operating levers contacting faces to prevent this rusting condition and insure easy shifting.  Since this protective film must be maintained, it is recommended that the mechanism be lubricated with water resistant EP Chassis Lubricant each time the vehicle is in for regular oil changes and/or lubrication.

Since there is no provision made to inject grease into the mechanism in such a manner that the levers contacting surfaces will be coated, the opening of the gauge slot (Fig 3), which is used to adjust the transmission linkage, will be used as the lubrication point.

To properly lubricate the mechanism, it is necessary to inject grease, using a regular grease gun, into the gauge slot while putting the transmission in each gear range except neutral.  NOTE:  A needle fitting grease gun adapter, installed on the gun’s nozzle will help to keep the grease concentrated to the slot area.  Also, if a high pressure grease gun is used, place a rag around the outside of the nozzle to prevent grease ’spray back.’

It is necessary to inject grease into the slot with the mechanism in each gear range so that grease can be applied to each contacting surface (each lever surface passes the slot opening when the mechanism is put through its complete shift pattern.)

Injecting grease into the slot while the linkage is in neutral will just spill the grease out the opposite side of the linkage.

Also lightly apply grease onto areas of mechanism that are externally exposed and accessible.  Once the mechanism is greased, wipe off excess.

Periodically Lubricate Manual Transmission Shift Mechanism (SN-C-30) 

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