2003 Corvette Tech Center

2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition

The 2003 Corvette Tech Center includes production information, specifications, performance reviews, tech info, forums and more for the 2004 Corvette model year.

C5 Corvette Forum
2001 - 2004 Corvette Z06 Forum: A disccusion forum for owners and enthusiasts of the 2001 - 2004 Corvette Z06.
Gallery: An online gallery of high quality 2004 Corvette pictures.
Identification: VIN tag and emblem identification for the 2003 model year.
Knowledge Base: C5 Knowledgebase covers related service bulletins and technical information.
Latest News and Headlines: The latest news and headlines related to 1997 - 2004 Corvettes.
Magnetic Ride - Star Wars Meets The 50th Car: An in-depth look at Magnetic Selective Ride Control, new for the 2003 model year and how it compares to previous Corvette adjustable suspension systems.
Magnetic Selective Ride Control - First Ride: Hib Halverson puts a 2003 Corvette equipped with the Magnetic Selective Ride Control, through its paces.
Owner Manual: This is a 370 page, 17.66MB PDF document of the 2003 Corvette owner manual. Adobe PDF Document
Paint Codes: Paint codes for the 1997 - 2004 C5 Corvette.
Painted Wheel Codes: Paint codes for C5 painted wheels.
Performance Numbers: A listing of performance numbers for the 2003 Corvette obtained from automotive publications.
Press Release: Chevrolet Releases 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette, Adds Magnetic Selective Ride Control to Lineup.
Press Release: Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition to Pace Indy 500.
Press: Magnetic Selective Ride Control---How it Works: A GM Press Release regarding the new 2003 Corvette's Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension and how it works.
Production Numbers: Final production numbers for the 2003 Corvette.
Regular Production Options: A complete listing of RPO codes for the 2003 Corvette.
Sales Brochure: This is a 13 page, 1.24MB PDF document of the 2003 Corvette sales brochure. Adobe PDF Document
Specifications: Specifications for the 2003 Corvette.
Specifications - Paint: 2003 paint specifications from DuPont.
Tech Article: C4/C5 Corvette EMT Run-Flat Tire Servicing by Hunter Engineering.
Videos - C5 Corvettes: Videos C5 Corvette videos provided by our sister site - VetteTube.com.
Z06 Corvette Center: 2001 - 2004 Z06 Corvette Center